Monday, November 30, 2015

Assisting with Assistive Technology

In today's classroom, students all work together inclusively. What does this mean exactly? This means that a student is not singled out to a separate classroom for a learning disorder. Classrooms are now considered all-inclusive to include every student regardless if there is a learning disorder.

With the all-inclusive classroom comes preparing future teachers for teaching students that may have a learning disability. With the PowerPoint presentation below, I have given many examples of ways that a teacher may teach a student who may need assistance in a particular area. This can include eyesight, hearing, and restricted use of a hand or an arm.

Some ways that I found to assist my students was by listing a variety of free photo websites and free sound file websites. These websites were all visited by me to ensure that they were what they said they were, and I hand picked my top three for each category.

I also screen captured what to do for a student who is visually impaired. Perhaps they were a low vision computer user; I took a screenshot as to what this should look like for the student, and also for teachers to know exactly what it should look like for that student.

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