Friday, November 13, 2015

Google Groups

Google is truly a one-stop shop for so many things. A great way for teachers to create a group assignment in older students is Google Groups. Google Groups is a way for a group of students to work together online. All the student needs is an email address and access to a computer.

For my IT class we created a fiction story on Google Docs. From Google Docs I created a few paragraphs to begin our project. It was titled An Unlikely Love Story. It was about a bird and squirrel that fell in love, although very unlikely.

Below is the snippet that I created:

There once were two animals that ended up falling in love. It wasn’t always a harmonious connection, you see. These two animals were more different than night and day. You see, one was a bird and one was a squirrel. Their story began one cold October morning.
The wind was blowing hard and the acorns were falling from the tree faster than Scotty the squirrel could gather them. With his arms full, acorns were dropping left and right as he ran up the giant oak tree where he has lived for years.
“Ouch!” cried a voice down below.
Scotty stopped what he was doing and peered down below between the bare branches. Not seeing anything he ran back up the tree, dropping acorns as he went on his merry way.
“Ouch!” cried the voice again.
Scotty stopped and peeked once again. This time he saw the most beautiful bird he had ever seen.
“Are you okay?” he asked the beautiful bird.
“No,” huffed the bird as her feathers shook off the acorn remnants. “I am NOT okay.”(Karen Garza)

My group members then added their own paragraphs until we had a complete story. I loved this assignment!

Another great Google Groups idea is to create a slide presentation. I created a lesson about learning contractions. I was then able to share this with my group members via email. I loved seeing everything that they created!

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